The standout is Nobulumko Mngxekeza as Lady Macbeth

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fake oakley sunglasses Anchored at stage left, the focused ensemble is as much of a pleasure to watch as the gaudily attired bunch on the small, raised platform that serves as the central playing area.The musicians are matched by an intense cast. The standout is Nobulumko Mngxekeza as Lady Macbeth, reaching rich heights in her upper register but bringing terrifying resonance to the lower end, too. She’s fearsome cheap oakley sunglasses, strutting in her skintight leopard print body suit when the Macbeths strike it rich, and unafraid to gyrate and yes even twerk in her disturbingly celebratory „Si colmi il calice”.Owen Metsileng brings it too, displaying unnerving fragility in the title character when he’s stripped to his underwear to sing his late aria „Piet, rispetto, amore” fake oakley sunglasses.

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