Reporting scientists use the information and analysis that has

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Replica Bags For example, handwriting analysis, fibre analysis, glass analysis, animal DNA analysis, and botanical examinations, may be conducted by outside agencies. Forensic services at NFLS Biology Biology services are generally performed in three stages and include: Evidence Recovery examinations include: recovery and identification of body fluids such as blood, semen and saliva recovery and identification of hair suitable for DNA analysis recovery of cellular material from handled objects recovery and preservation of non biological materials including paint, glass and fibres Textile Damage Assessment (TDA) Analysts conduct nuclear DNA analysis and DNA profile development from the samples collected at Evidence Recovery. Reporting scientists use the information and analysis that has been gathered to: interpret the results, including conducting comparisons of unknown DNA profiles to other unknown or known DNA profiles generated in the case enter appropriate DNA typing profiles into the Crime Scene Index of the National DNA Data Bank of Canada produce and provide a report containing the findings to the law enforcement agency that submitted the evidence Biology specialists can be called upon to provide expert testimony in courts. Replica Bags

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