new testimony may clear sd man of conviction

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Outlook: If preseason action is any indication, the Panthers will be much improved from a year ago, despite losing 11 players to graduation. Pomperaug looked strong enough in scrimmages against Watertown and Gilbert to provide lots of hope for Brocksmith. „I expect that we’re going to be much better,” he said.

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There is also a longish, equally admiring report, unsigned as always, datelined Winnipeg.”In an age of seductive extremes,” the editorial continues, „[Canada] remains reassuringly levelheaded.”The cover of the latest edition of The Economist suggests Canada is an ‘example to the world.’ (The Economist)This is the third time in 13 years The Economist has judged Canada. Both previous instances were treated as news here.The first was in 2003, after Jean Chrtien’s Liberals had, using the now unpopular tool of austerity, turned Canada’s federal deficit into a surplus.”A cautious case can be made that Canada is now rather cool,” was the verdict back then.In 2003, The Economist declared Canada cool on its cover. (The Economist)Unbearably, the cover art was a moose wearing Oakley like sunglasses, which might actually have been cool in 2003.

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