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no time to let our guard down

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Replica Prada You get these people out here and have a look at the numbers because they wouldn’t know if they were on fire.”In five years when there’s a different Government and a different complexion they’ll look at this massive cost and privatise it again. It’s just the pendulum swinging backward and forward.”Mr Temm said changes to the Waitangi Tribunal settlements process and moves to stamp out „overcharging” by police and Government departments would do more to reduce the cost of legal aid.The Criminal Bar Association today released a statement saying it was „appalled” by the planned changes.Expanding the Public Defence Service (PDS) would result in massive cost inefficiencies as the service expands out of its base in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington into smaller centres, it said.It claimed the service is already costing more money at $1612 per client compared to the $1343 charged on average by New Zealand lawyers.Creating a national body to dominate legal aid services runs counter to the Government’s political philosophy and moves to reduce the public service, the statement said.”He is creating a monopolistic bureaucracy that will expand and become bloated.”The association also claimed problems would arise because clients would no longer have as much freedom to choose the lawyer they were granted under legal aid.It accused Mr Power of manipulating his figures on the Government’s spend on legal aid.The real annual cost of the service was $164.5 million not the „about $170 million” quoted https://www.pradasoutletcheap.com, its statement said.The changes announced today are a first step in overhauling the legal aid system, and are expected to save $138 million over four years.At the moment a single person earning more than $22,000 a year or an adult with two dependants earning more than $50 Cheap Prada handbags,934 are not eligible for legal aid for family or civil cases. This will be extended to cover less serious criminal cases.Applicants above the threshold can still apply for legal aid, but will have to prove that their case is likely to be an expensive one, or that they cannot afford a lawyer Replica Prada.

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