I also have Gascans, and I experience the exact same problem

Gunner John Phelps Williams (Royal Field Artillery) enlisted his 18th birthday and was killed in action five months later on 24 April 1917; Gunner John Victor Bias (Australian Field Artillery) was born in the Orkney Islands in 1887 and emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1909. He was killed in action, aged 30, at Ypres on 21 July 1917; Lance Corporal Pat O’Keefe was a Boxing Champion and served as a physical training instructor. He retired from boxing aged 35 and died in 1970 after many years as a publican; Lieutenant A Dodgson Army Service Corps (no further information) and Lieutenant Archie Dunlap Lemon (Royal Irish Rifles) who was reported missing, believed killed, having been shot at close range by a German officer at the Somme on 1 July He was aged 41..

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