A reasonable course of action is also to hike to Phantom Ranch

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Replica Bags So we changed the direction of our trek to begin on the north rim and end on the south rim.Because the hike from the crest of the north rim to Phantom Ranch is a 16 mile journey down a very steep grade and two of the members of our group are older Fake Designer Bags, we decided to break the trip up into segments. Day one we hiked down from the north rim to the Cottonwood campground day two we hiked from Cottonwood to Phantom Ranch/Bright Angel campground and day three from Phantom Ranch out the south rim.A reasonable course of action is also to hike to Phantom Ranch from the north rim in one day, stay a few days to allow your calf muscles to relax and hike out the south rim in a few days. If you make the trek to Phantom Ranch in one day, you can use carry a light daypack or hire mules to cart your belongings allowing you to hike minimal weight.Ok so how far is it really: The distance and estimated travel time from section to section of the rim to rim trek should be a straightforward question Replica Bags.

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