6 This review aims to summarise current evidence and best

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On the other hand now you might think and ponder perhaps it is different from this perspective. Indeed you might send your employer a most positive Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, note, memo or letter. Perhaps you might even send your superior a poem.. In 2010 the global cost of dementia care was estimated at $604bn (396bn; 548bn) and estimated to increase to $1tr by 2030.1 Of all chronic diseases, dementia is one of the most important contributors to dependence and disability.2 3 In the absence of a cure, a professional belief that nothing can be done has contributed to delays in diagnosis.4 However https://www.louboutinshoecheap.com, increasing evidence showing that dementia may be preventable1 5 has led to an international focus on earlier diagnosis and intervention.6 This review aims to summarise current evidence and best practice in the diagnosis and early intervention in dementia care.Patient and public involvementPatient and public involvement in this clinical review has been achieved through several processes: the inclusion of patients and the public in the groups responsible for developing the national guidelines referenced in this review; liaising with patient and public representatives from the National Institute of Health Research Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network who contributed to systematic reviews included in this review4 9; and asking the UK Alzheimer’s Society to comment on the final draft of the paper and provide up to date information resources for patients and carers.Why is timely diagnosis important?In some countries the introduction of a national dementia strategy has led to greater emphasis on earlier diagnosis, although population based screening is not recommended as dementia does not fulfil the criteria of a condition suitable for screening.7 With evidence from large longitudinal cohort studies showing that the prevalence of dementia is declining globally, there is now greater emphasis on prevention and risk reduction.1 5 In England, policy has rightly or wrongly influenced the introduction of case finding in high risk groups including people over 75 years of age, as age is the strongest risk factor for dementia and those with high vascular risk, Parkinson’s disease Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoes, and learning disabilities.8 The policy comprises proactive memory assessment of people in both primary care and acute hospital settings who may not have symptoms; however, there is little evidence that such initiatives, which inevitably lead to increased referrals to specialist services, are cost effective and whether they are distressing to patients.4 6How can clinicians recognise dementia?Diagnosing dementia can be difficult owing to its insidious onset, symptoms resembling „normal ageing” memory loss, and a diversity of other presenting symptoms for example, difficulty in finding words or making decisions.10 An individual’s ability to accommodate Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoes, compensate, or even deny his or her symptoms in the early stages should also be considered. The individual’s family may also have noticed difficulties in communication and personality or mood changes; family concern is of particular importance.9 Increasing frequency of patients’ visits to their general practice, missed appointments, or confusion over drugs may also be warning signs.8Diagnosis of subtype is important given differences in management, disease course, and outcomes for different dementias; awareness of early symptoms in less common dementias can assist generalists in deciding to which specialist services patients are referred (box 1). Duration over which symptoms have developed is also important, with Alzheimer’s disease tending to have a more insidious onset than vascular dementia.Box 1 Examples of less common dementias and their early presenting symptomsVascular dementiaWide range of signs and symptoms depending on extent, location, and severity of the cerebrovascular diseaseSymptoms can develop abruptly after a stroke or more insidiously with small vessel diseaseMemory loss can be a feature but typically is less noticeable than in Alzheimer’s disease.

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